Split Payment

Split & Transfer Payments with Zitopay

Now easily split incoming payments to individual accounts, make vendor payouts, manage marketplace money flow and much more using powerful APIs. With zitopay you can focus on your business and leave the hassles of money movement to us.


Manage payment flow as per your business use case

Does your business require you to transfer a payment to different bank accounts? Do you need to split a payment into multiple parts?.

Zitopay supports your model with a core that allows you to completely control over split and transfers as per your business logic. Sign up now to get started.



Connecting customers and sellers on your platform? Now split individual customer payments between multiple sellers with complete flexibility on how much to transfer, to whom and when to settle.


Multiple Zitopay Accounts

Collecting payments centrally while managing multiple zitopay accounts for your business? Now split payments at source through automated routing between your various zitopay accounts with complete control over the business logic.


On-Demand Services

Building a platform for taxi drivers, electricians, buyam-sellers, etc.? Now manage the entire payment process digitally with complete control over when the transfers are made and settled.

Automate your payment lifecycle with zitopay

Make use of our robust Payment Gateway for accepting payments from end customers, through any payment mode. You can even accept payments through Subscriptions, Payment Links, and Invoices which can then be split using zitopay.

Linked Accounts

Easily onboard your vendors, sellers, service providers, customers, etc. as linked accounts on zitopay without the hassles of any physical paperwork.


Create as many transfers as you need to various linked accounts with complete control over the splitting logic. Automate the process through powerful Transfer APIs.


Manage the entire fund movements with flexible division plans. Select between dynamic plans or choose to defer them until some business conditions are met.

How split paymnent works

Monitoring & Mananging with zitopay

Manage your marketplaces, automate bank transfers, collect recurring payments, share invoices with customers - all from a single platform. Fast forward your business with zitopay. Make your payment process easier with zitopay.


Grow with zitopay

100,000+ Sellers? Millions of transactions? Zitopay is built for scale.

Over the last couple of years, we have worked hard with our banking partners so you don’t have to. Zitopay's servers are completely hosted with auto-scaling systems that scale up to handle any traffic that you throw at it today or in the future.


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Seamlessly Integrate zitopay with multiple platforms

Built for simplicity and efficiency, zitopay provides wide range of intergration options spanning over a wide range of platform. Zitopay also provides a rich graphical user interface providing rapid and flawless integration procedures.

Benefits of Split payment

Transform your business with Split Payments. The business applications and financial benefits of Split Payments are infinite.

checl Supports a variety of online business models
checl Improve cash flow
checl You determine the split payment amount
checl Split your recurring payments

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