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SCI - Receive payments from Cameroon

Start accepting payments from Cameroon online. - Zitopay makes people want to pay you!

Zitopay enables you to accept payments Cameroon, from a single point through Mobile Money(MTN Momo, Orange Money, Express Union, & YUP), Local Debit card and bitcoin

Getting paid is easy - generate payment Links, Buttons or QRCode

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Advanced Options (Callback Parameters, Payment Notification/Tracking, Split Payment, Pre-trusted Transaction)

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Typical Result Of The Generated Iframe


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SCI Parameters & Explanations

The following parameters can be sent, through HTTP GET or POST request to the URL: //

Input Field Name Description Example Value
receiver Receiver's Zitopay username or email [email protected]
amount Total amount to be received 1000
currency Currency can be any of XAF or any other currency that you have added for SCI by indicating the conversion rate here. XAF
Optional Fields
memo Typically the payment description (maximum of 225 characters) Purchase of XYZ products
ref Unique transaction reference (maximum of 84 characters)
If not supplied, Zitopay will automatically generate a unique reference.
But you supply a reference that you have already used for another transaction, an error will occur.
notification_url When a transaction has been completed, the transaction reference (under an HTTP POST key 'ref') will be posted to this url (even before the payer gets redirected to the success_url or cancel_url).
It is then advisable to rather perform all the needed confirmation check & updates on this url
success_url After successfully making the payment, the payer will be redirected back to this url, with the payment data also forwarded in an HTTP POST request
cancel_url If the transaction failed to complete, the payer will be redirected back to this url, with the payment data also forwarded in an HTTP POST request
Split Payment Support
NB: all notifications and actions will only be applicable to the primary(first) reciever. Others can only see the effect on their balances and transaction history.
receiver2 Second receiver's Zitopay username or email. [email protected]
receiver3 Third receiver's Zitopay username or email. [email protected]
sf The sharing formula, indicating what percentage of the total amount received will be remitted to receiver,receiver2 and receiver3. This must sum-up to 100 50-30-20

More Fun-facts About ref

You can enforce a payment deadline-date for your invoice by "including" DLD-dd-mm-yyyy in the ref

(Where dd-mm-yyyy represents the day,month and year). Examples: Product003-Customer-71-DLD-31-01-2020, or even with Time (in 24 hours format), Example: Product003-Customer-71-DLD-31-01-2020T16:30. The second exaple means that anyone will not be able to make payment with Product003-Customer-71-DLD-31-01-2020T16:30 as reference, after 4:30pm, of 31st January, 2020.

If you include the word URANDOM in your ref, that word with be automatically replaced by a random numerical value here

This may be useful when you want to indicate reference code in the transaction, without having to be generating the required unique value from your sever. Example: when your ref is Prod-xyz-URANDOM it will be changed to something like Prod-xyz-9876543212 here before the payment being made.

Payment Verification - Instant Payment Notification (IPN)

After receiving payments via this shopping-cart interface (SCI), it is important to verify that the payment was actually made by performing the payment confirmation step. Click here to see how to verify payments

Transaction Widget

Import manage and track your transaction history from you own webpage or admin portal, by pasting a snippet.

Use on your admin panel or any webpage (THAT IS NOT ACCESSIBLE TO ANYONE ELSE), from which you rather prefer to be keeping track of your transactions and trading.


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