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Simplicity & Convenience

Now you can make bill payments from the comfort of your home and office. Conveniently pay all your utility bill and easily make subscriptions to all your favorite shows with zitopay


Life Made Easy

Take advantage of a complete payment solution that allows you to automate your processes and manage your activity from A to Z

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Buy Airtime

Airtime Topup anywhere, anytime at Zero Fees. Buy MTN, Orange, camtel, Nextel, and Yomee airtime with zitopay app


Pay Your Bills

At your convinience, pay your utilities and mortgage(Camwater and ENEO) bills. Paying bills with Zitopay is fast, convenient and reliable no matter how you choose to pay.


Pay School Fees

Deposit school or college fees through Mobile Money, bank card, or credit card with your Mobile Phone or Laptop at the comfort of your own home or office in a matter of a few minutes!.


Shop Online

Zitopay is the online payment service for secure, simple and fast payment in online shops – and it's free of charge. Receive from multiple sectors into a single account


Easy Money Transfer

Transfer money around the globe with Zitopay. Get access to money transfer services Money Gram, Western Union, World Remit and Ria with Zitopay


Save Time and Improve Workflow

With instant bill payment, you can easily manage your time and improve your working conditions. Zitopay comes to help you make use the available time you have by providing with a very robust interface and system with which you can make your payments

Send payments the safer way

Now you can send all over Cameroon payments from anywhere you happen to be, at home or on the go. All you need is the recipient’s email address or username. If they’re new to Zitopay, they can create an account quickly for free.


Entirely providing best services

Take advantage of a complete payment solution that allows you to automate your processes and manage your activity from A to Z

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A unified solution

Send and accept payments from MTN Moblie Money, Orange Moneyu, Express Union Mobile, Zitopay


Email notifications

Zitopay alerts all parties taking part in a transaction about the state of the transaction.


Interactive Dashboard

Easily manage and make transactions from anywhere, mobile, web and desktop. Zitopay's dashboard is built with the customer in mind, providing a simple yet efficient way to manage transcations


Fraud Prevention

Our secure servers guarantee optimal protection of your transactions and our IT experts carry out permanent checks to certify a 99.9% level of reliability and availability of our infrastructure.


Incredible infrastructure

Structured for scaling, zitopay can handle large amounts of transactions instantly all the while keep you in the loop with the state of these transcations. Zitopay is built for greatness

We always try to evaluate customers Values


Mobile Money Users


Securely Processed


Successful Transactions


securely Receive payments anywhere, anytime both Offline & Online

With an account on zitopay, you can receive payments via MTN Mobile Money, Orange Money, Express Union Mobile, Bank and other Zitopay accounts.

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In a few clicks, you secure payments on your site. Download send payments and request payments even faster with zitopay

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