How it Works

What is Zitopay?

Zitopay is an online payment system, that gives it's users (Individuals or businesses) access to all local payment methods in Cameroon (Mobile Money and Credit Cards), through Simple API, Mobile App, Scan n Pay QR Code, Payments Links and more.

Does my customers pay additional fees?

With Zitopay, it is possible to configure the payment of fees by the end customer or by the merchant. At Zitopay, and by default, the costs are borne by the merchant.

Who can use Zitopay?

Zitopay's service is open to any and everyone wishing to collect payments from clients/customers in Cameroon, with or without a Website/App. However, for Security purposes all users must go through the KYC process

What documents do I need for KYC?

For individuals
National ID card/Passport, Taxpayers card, Location plan, and passport size photo.
For Business/Organisations
All Legal documents, Managers ID, and Non-indebtedness for companies

Is Zitopay licensed & registered?

Yes. Zitopay is a product of Zito Financial company registered in the Commercial Register of the Republic of Cameroon with Taxpayer No. M071812714378N, with legal address at Barombi Kang Kumba, South West Cameroon.

Do you have plugins?

Yes. We have built Plugins and Modules for easy integration. Woocommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Jommla, Drupal, PestaShop, and even for Perfex CRM.

How often are payouts?

Payouts are done Weekly and Monthly, through Zitocard or Bank Account

How secure is Zitopay?

We use state of the art bank grade security and Machine AI to provide peace of mind when collecting payments

Know About Transactions

Why should I top up my Zitopay?

To take advantage of the innovative features of ZitoPay such as instant and free money transfer to another Zitopay account, online payment only from your Zitopay credentials, payment of monthly subscriptions, instant troubleshooting of your Zitopay account. refer a friend, contactless payment, etc. Zitopay account. There are several ways to do this:

How do I top up my Account?

checl Log into your ZitoPay account
checl Go to Add Money/Deposit
checl Select Payment Channel and Amount
checl Enter Phone number, or Debit Card
checkClick Add Funds
checlConfirm the Alert sent to your phone

How do I top up my Account by requesting payment?

checl Go to Zitopay App
checl Select Request Payment
checl Fill the Fields
checl Click on GET PAY LINK
checl You can Now Share link

Sending money from one Zitopay account to another

checl Log into your ZitoPay account
checl Go to Transfer
checl Fill the fields recepient, amount and deadline(optional)
checl Click proceed
checl Confirm the transfer order
checl Enter your transaction pin
checl Transaction Successful

How to withdraw Money from a Zitopay Account to Mobile Money, Bank Account and Bitcoin Wallet

checl Log into your ZitoPay account
checl Go to Withdraw
checl Fill the fields choosing the desired destination
checl Click proceed
checl Confirm the withdraw order
checl Enter your transaction pin
checl Withdral Successful

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